Welcome to the website of Joseph Newman

  • I worked in the programming field for 8 1/2 years, with my primary duties being focused in SQL and Java. I have since gone back to school to refresh on my programming skills, which included HTML/CSS, XML, and User Experience Design. I have a strong interest in computer programming for a career and hope to find a job to fulfill that desire while also challenging me in new and interesting ways.

  • In my personal time I have beta tested on a few different projects. One of the things that has always interested me about beta testing is finding bugs and attempting to reproduce them, being able to pinpoint the exact cause and documenting the fix for the next release. My personal interests include video games, chess, and finding ways to fill my off time with ways to improve myself.

  • My life goal is to persue a career which allows me to improve processes by the business, and even build new programs as needed. I have a strong drive to find ways in which every day processes can be improved.

Hire me for your company and see what can be improved upon today!

Classes I have attended within the past year
Class Name Teacher Name
Data Concepts Jamie Chavez
Thinking Critically and Creatively Sarah Watson
Web Design Clay Hess
User Experience Design Kim Reed
Full Transcript of previously graduated year
along with current grades available upon request