Recent Projects

Web Design Website Creation

Web Design pictureThis very website was created as part of the Web Design class. Learning both HTML and CSS I was able to build this website from the ground up and learned to do many things, such as wrapping this text around this image of the home page. We also learned the many basics of web design with html and css, such as adding media, changing colors, addings links, and so much more.

User Experience Design project

User Experience pictureMy user experience design project. This was a ticket system created for Valve/Steam to help track and care for tickets related to cheaters. There is no code behind this, it is all designing intended to understand the process for user experience designing and working through talking with people to get feedback on these projects

Data Concepts Project

Data Concepts pictureMy Data concepts project, wherein I built an entire database from scratch and worked to ensure that 3rd normal form was reached, that all tables had primary keys, foreign keys were attached where they were supposed to be, and that data was entered correctly so that data integrity was still intact.